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NFL reveals finalists for game in Germany

The NFL is possibly already 2022 to Germany - now the league has proclaimed the finalists for the venue. The NFL is looking for a long-term partner, three cities are still in question.

As the league announced on Tuesday, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich are in the final selection, perhaps already from 2022 a regular season game in Germany.

Regular Season games are an important part of developing the fan base in Germany by creating even more enthusiasm for sports and closer binding to the fans and communities, said Brett Gospel, the NFL Responsible for Europe and UK, in a statement.

The three cities were now invited by the league to move into the so-called candidate phase of the application process. All three cities will now lead with the NFL deeper talks about an NFL game in Germany.

NFL game in Germany already 2022?

Since 2007, the league has held 29 Games in London, next Sunday, Number 30 rises between Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins. The NFL would like to build a long-term connection with a partner city in Germany, this partnership could already carry 2022 concrete fruits.

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In all likelihood, there will be an NFL game in Germany no later than 2023. Gospen had informed the FAZ in the summer in an interview that you are currently planning with October or November 2022 .


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