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Kai Hanctz launches fundraiser: The flood has changed my thinking

Kai Hanctz has launched a fundraiser to support the German Red Cross. The international wants to help the affected of the flood disaster.

This SECRET Mission Gets Arthur A Cure For Tuberculosis & The BEST Item In Red Dead Redemption 2! As the _ picture_ reports, HAVERTZ donates 200,000 euros. He also designed a limited special shoe that is auctioned. One of the models is the 22-year-old on Sunday at the duel of his FC Chelsea against Arsenal. A total of 100 pieces were produced.

The flood is now over a month. For me it is important to show my support to the people, said the Hvertz born in Aachen towards the bild. He has special reference points to some of the most affected areas. Much of his family and friends still lives there today. In North Rhine-Westphalia, 58 people came around life, 4000 people had to be accommodated due to the heavy rain in emergency accommodation.

Even if fortunately, no one of my family or my friends has happened something, I have noticed the suffering of the people. That moved me. That's why it was important to me, Hvertz explained.

The decision to start a fundraiser has quickly made the midfielder. The pictures of the tide were just terrible to look at. The catastrophe is only a few weeks ago, but something from the awareness of many people disappeared, you do not really know how it's the person concerned. That's why it was important to me to help people Havertz said, adding, There are still many without electricity, without roof over the head, without clothes. People just lost everything.

Natural disasters lose sight of the general public, HAVERTZ noticed: The natural disaster in front of their own front door has changed my thinking. This is not a hurricane in Florida, which happened here, in the middle of Germany. I want to recall this again , I think the time now is good and important.

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