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Neverwinter: Jewel of the North from August for Xbox and PlayStation

PERFECT WORLD Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announces that Newinterters will be new extension, Jewel of the North, from now on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and Arc Games) and will also appear on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of August.

This new extension offers both new entrants as well as veterans the opportunity to experience all epic content of the free-playable Dungeons & Dragons-MMORPGs on an unprecedented way.

For the first time since 2016, Neverwinter with the versatile Bard introduces a new class, which is likely to be known in the tableted D & D fans from the Tabletop. Jewel of the North also also contains comprehensive improvements in the game compliment, to which a new stuffed step upshift system counts, the content for players of all business levels makes accessive.

"With Jewel of the North, we would like to make it easier for players to create a character and fall into adventure in the forgotten rich," said Matt Powers, Executive Producer of Neverwinter. "The level increase has been optimized and now matches the Tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons. We are also pleased to send the Bard class to the stage with all its spectacular possibilities in Neverwinter. "

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North introduces the new Bard Class, which is inspired by the popular archetype from the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Players who decide for the Bard will become daring heroes who understand themselves to combine magic with swords, inspired by music allies, to manipulate thoughts and even heal wounds.

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Bard are characterized by their unique performance mode in which they can play a variety of songs that allies strengthen and heal or damage aims. And outdoor performance mode it is even possible to create its own compositions with the instrument they equipped, and to give them the best in front of other players.

In addition to the new class, Jewel of the North offers extensive game comfort improvements that make it easier for all players to access the numerous contents of Neverwinter. In the new staged stage upholstery system, the model of Dungeons & Dragons was reduced below the maximum level in newinter from 80 to 20.

This will allow new and returning players to achieve much faster (about 10-12 hours) epic game content and allows veterans to highlight their second characters in wind parts.

Other enhancements include the new adventure feature, two new places (the adventurous energy and training room), revised tutorials and an increased performance in the initial phase of the game.

A list of new features:

  • New Bard Class: Inspired by the popular and versatile class of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons combines Neverwinter's latest class lightning, deadly sword art with mighty, magic ballads to an orchestra of destruction for opponents and a blessing for the Barren themselves as well as for his allies. The class offers two unique model paths between those players can decide:
    • _Ingling: _ Charming Darongers who style their opponents stylish with sword art, magic and music. This model path is suitable for players that prefer to avoid harm by medium distance and melancholy, and want to use dramatic spells and supporting songs to increase their natural fighting skills.
    • _Minstrel: _ Master-like musicians who support their allies from the distance with inspiring songs. These healers can also perform mental attacks through their music and create illusions.
  • New stuffed stage upset system: The step upper limit was set by level 80 to level 20 to reconcile Neverwinter with the Tabletop system and to make it easier for players to experience many adventures in the forgotten rich.
    • _Neues Feature - Adventure: _ A new and intuitive way to play content, keep the progress in mind and to dust great rewards. The adventure feature allows players to recognize at any time what you should approach on your epic trip next.
    • Extensive improvements in game Comfort: ** Thanks to the following new improvements, players can now prepare perfectly on all upcoming adventures:
    • _Zwei new places: _
    • The adventurous energy: It is located in the Protector's Enclave and is a place where players can gather, train and collect their hard-fought rewards.
    • The training room: a semi-level created by the magicians of the adventurous energy and in the player refining their skills and can explore new combat systems using various modifiers.
    • _Converted Tutorials: _ New tutorials, notifications and visual elements have been added to better familiarize new and returning players with Neverwinter.
  • Event "Neverember's recruitment": New characters logging in during the "Neverun's recruitment" event will receive additional rewards and Neverember incentives during the step upgrade, which can be exchanged for Account width rewards.


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